Patch Work / Asphalt Sheets

All asphalt repairs need to be completed using the proper techniques to ensure that is long lasting and won’t give under pressure as it is driven over by vehicles of all sizes. Pro Pave Apshalt Service’s team of professionals will remove the damaged asphalt, seal the cracks and then patch up the damaged area, leaving it with a professional finish.

Driveways / Footpaths

With over 20 years’ experience, we handle the pathing of driveways or footpaths for residential, commercial and government projects.

Whether at home or for the office, we recommend considering asphalt. We will provide you with a low maintenance and attractive surface that will also help reduce your gardening costs.

No project is too big or too small for us. We will asphalt in and around your home or office, leaving you with a fantastic finish.

Schools / Carparks

Whether, it’s a shopping centre carpark or a school playground these are used on a daily basis with either frequent foot or vehicle traffic. The team at Pro Pave Asphalt Services will ensure that the asphalt that they lay, holds up to this constant usage in all environments.

All our projects are on time and on budget yet we still maintain the highest quality of work to ensure the asphalt at the carpark or school has longevity.

To ensure access remains open through the entire project, we can schedule the work in stages to minimise any disruptions.

Crush Rock / Flowcon Hire

Crush Rock, is the foundation of all Asphalting as it stabilizes the Earth to stop movement. If not done to specification, then the final layer of asphalt will fail and crack up. The easiest way to handle crush rock and asphalt is with the use of a Flowcon Truck where it places the material straight onto a wheelbarrow for you. Pro Pave Asphalt Services, has a Flowcon Truck that holds up to 8 tons of material ready for your service.

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